With a background in computer science, photography, art, and design ... Kirk Woolford became one of a handful of experts in the development of sensor and motion capture-based performance and installation projects in the 1990s. (Chris Salter, Entangled, 2010, p271)

vRSP 2018 - pres
The vRSP network will explore new forms of immersive performance experience in sites of historical and cultural import.
Jinn, 2015 - pres
The concept of Jinn in Arab culture is used as a metaphor for addressing the question of the musicality inherent in human bodily movement.
Jinn-Ginnaye, 2015 - pres
Jinn-Ginnaye is an exploration of movement in place. It is a collection of dance pieces exploring issues of bringing western performance to the United Arab Emirates
Moments in Place, 2011-2013
Moments in Place is a series of site-specific virtual performances, created for the Brighton Digital Festival, inviting visitors to consider movement qualities of different locations in the city of Brighton as well as the range of artworks in Brighton's streets.
Will.0W1sp, 2005-2008
Will.0.W1sp is an interactive installation exploring our ability to recognise human motion without human form. It uses particle systems to create characters or “wisps” with their own drifting, flowing movement, but which also follow digitised human movements....
Viking Shoppers, 1999-2001
Igloo bring together a group of international artists for a performance unraveling the strange nature of dual identity. Dropping sequences of dance, film, digital art and sound into the same performance environment, they explore the body as digital image. Viking Shoppers unfolds as an intruiging mix of new media work.
Moving Target, 1996
Moving Target was created by the choreographer Frederic Flamand and the artists/architects Elizabeth Diller and Ricardo Scofidio. Artists from Academy of Media Art, Cologne, Paolo Atzori, Ivar Smedstad, and Kirk Woolford developed an investigation of the schizophrenic body in the architectural space created by Diller and Scofidio.
CyberSM, 1993-94
CyberSM was based on Sado-Masochistic role playing, after all, V.R. equipment has always looked similar to S&M fetish fashion. The first motion tracking suit was a full-bodied black leather suit covered with shiny chrome plates....
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