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CÔR: Um Projecto audiovisual interactivo

Instalação Cibermúsica (Cybermusic Installation)-
Festival em Obra Aberta



The Casa da Musica Foundation in Oporto, Portugal commissioned an interactive installation to introduce their new building to the public during the Obra Aberta festival in June 2003. The installation was developed by a team comprised of a composer and 3 visual artists with technical support from the National Institute of Engineering and Computer Science.


"La Harpe Sans Cordes" (the harp without strings) was the focal point of the installations. The harp used custom software to track the movements of visitors' hands and convert them to music. The harp was also connected to an array of high-intensity lights which changed the colour of the theatre based on the movement of guests hands over the harp. The harp lit the building from within and could be seen from several blocks away. In order to reach the harp, visitors walked through a hall lined with custom-built LED tubes. The tubes changed their sound a colour as visitors approached. After seeing the harp, visitors walked through a black & white video intallation which exploded into colour as they approached.

Carlos Guedes, Ula Li, Kirk Woolford, INESC (National Institute of Engineering and Computer Science) Porto