Installation/Performances 1993-2008

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Swift Traces
2008- (Work In Progress)

Real-time installation exploring relation between drawing and writing through movement. Uses a combination of Chinese calligraphy, motion capture, and movement systems based on the work of Bill Forsyth.


Echo Locations
2008- Ongoing

Series of Location based installations using interaction to focus visitors attention on the history of locations as well as their current impact.


Listening Between the Lines (Ars Electonica)

Listening between the Lines was "a concert evening that undertakes a journey through the history of electro-acoustic music". It included a live performance sampling the Br├╝ckner House Orchestra performing Boulez Notations while the timbre of their instruments drove real-time particle systems dancing above them.

Photo: Edward Burtynsky



Real-time installation using motion capture sequences which respond to viewers' movements

Seeing Seen

Seeing Seen
2002- 2003

Exploring human and mediated gaze in Amsterdam's Red Light District.


CÔR: Um Projecto audiovisual interactivo

Interactive installation controlling lighting and sound based on viewer's movements. commissioned for the pre-opening of the "Casa da Musica" in Porto, Portugal

Reckless Eyes

Reckless Eyes

Interactive installation commissioned for the pre-opening of the "Casa da Musica" in Porto, Portugal



A snowy installation during the day gives way to a star spangled performance during the evening. Heavenly effects subtly transform the venue to create an interstellar frozen wonderland every night.


Viking Shoppers

A performance unraveling the strange nature of dual identity. Dropping sequences of dance, film, digital art and sound into the same performance environment, they ex plore the body as digital image.



A fluid performance environment, enveloping performers, computers, images and audience within a shared ecosystem.



Possibly the first functional cybersex system from the age of teledildonics.