Photographs/Videos 1989-2008

Please bear with me... this page is still very much in development. Check back often for new and revised galleries and videos (kw., 28 May 08)


Shooting the Wind
2008- (Ongoing)

Multi-year photographic project looking at how the wind animates natural and built environments and how attempts to harnass the wind have impacted our society, culture and image of "nature"


Storey Inside/Out
2007 - present

Ongoing photograpic process documenting the renovation of the Storey Institute into the "Storey Creative Industries Centre". This project is financed through an Arts Council "Building Sites Initiative" fund. The images available to view through the Storey website as well as being projected on the scaffolding of the building at night, and through a kiosk in the Tourist Information Centre directly across from the Storey.


Museu Dos Biscainhos

Photographic dance essay created with Maria Ines Villasmil and shown as part of a site-specific performance at the Museu Dos Biscainhs in Braga, Portugal in September 2007


Water Log

Photographic essay from a project led by Jennifer Monson (iLand, USA) in collaboration with Nigel Stewart and SAP Dance, UK. Monson and Stewart worked for three weeks "developing movement exercises and improvisation techniques for increasing perception of the dynamic eco-systems and zones between land and sea allowing for respones with even the most ephemeral eco-phenomena..."


Observing Nature/Performing Ecology

cross-disciplinary project exploring how learning about and experiencing pristine environments changes our understaning of our local environment.

Seeing Seen

A stand-alone version of the will.0.w1sp choreographies and rendering styles. This version has been screened in Iceland, the UK, Netherlands, Portugal, Brazil, and elsewhere. It is currently on tour with Brighton-based South-East Dance Agency's Dance for Camera Festival 2007.



(2005) Lune. Venue: Nuffield Theatre (November 2005). Solo arising from methods of mapping mud flats near the River Lune that flood near full moon. Choreographer: Nigel Stewart. Dancer: Kate Mercer. Digital Scenography: Kirk Woolford. Lighting: Steph Sims. Soundscape: Nigel Stewart. Music: Arild Andersen (Hyperborean).

Reckless Eyes

Faceless (research phase)

Two performers, a media artist, a daily guest photographer, one possibility out of many. The dancer drops to the floor, the photographer focuses on her hands, freezing frames, moving in close...

Concept: Keren Levi & Tammuz Binshtock, Photos: Kirk Woolford


Particle Man

The original movement and rendering tests which later led to Will.0.w1sp and Echo Locations. Performed and recorded live to the music of Particle Man by They Might be Giants who graciously allowed the use of their music.



Video and two channel installation conceived & directed by Bruno Martelli of igloo. With camerawork and editing from Tim Copsey, Leon Cullinane, and Kirk Woolford