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A dance SciFi movie set on an alien planet populated with bizarre creatures in an amazing landscape. Shot entirely on loction in Iceland the film combines beautiful landscape imagery together with dance, sound and special effects. Presented on video and DVD Warstars premieres at The Place Theatre, London on the 2nd november 2001.


The film is part of the Capture scheme commissioned by the Arts Council of England and will tour along with 7 other dance screen works around the UK later in the year and early next year. More infomation about 2002 dates can be found on www.captureontour.net.


South East National Dance Agency with a specialism in dance for camera and new technology is promoting the tour.






Cast: Vanda Battye, Mark Bruce, Joanne Fong, Ruth Gibson, Joe Hunter, Joe Mattey, Gabrielle Mcnaughton, Marketa Uhlirova


Crew: Tim Copsey, Leon Cullinane, Bruno Martelli, Kirk Woolford


Music: Biogen, Hertz

Costume: Vexed Generation



Egill Tomasson - Icelandic Coordinator
Arni Sveinsson
Tommi White